Thursday, May 24, 2007

Finished Study

I have finished all my study in Seattle!! (>_<)/
Thank you for your support.

It was the last class for Corporate Finance.
Unusually the class was full today.
I did not realize so many students still had taken the class.
(I have seen them once or twice in class.)

They paid for the class, because they wanted to study, right?
Hummm, I cannot understand why they did not attend the class most of the time.
They must be rich. They do not care even if they waist money.

BTW, I spoke Japanese after a long time. Nigel introduced me to a Japanese guy who will be a PhD student at UW. He must be super smart like Nigel.

I guess, I should study hard as well.
But I want to take a rest for a while. (If it's possible, forever...)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Test, test, test...
Ohhhhh, I am sick of taking tests!!

I took an English exam called TOEIC last Saturday, and I took a quiz in my Corporate Finance class this Monday.

I did not do well both tests.
I lost my confidence. (I had not had it though..)

I need to relax for a while.
It’s been good weather these days. So, I think I should go somewhere.
Somebody, take me somewhere!!

I was at home all day long today cleaning my room and other rooms though it was nice weather.
Last Saturday, I stayed Nigel’s at place and we were drinking until 5am next morning. (It was fun!!)
But it's Not healthy. Don’t you think so?

Friday, May 11, 2007

“The Law of Yosshi” has begun

I am declaring my Blog “The Law of Yosshi” has begun.

Humm,,However, what should I write for the first?
Well, first of all, I am going to introduce myself.

I am Yosshi from Japan. I am living in Seattle now, though I will return to Japan on May 30th.
The picture is me. I might have drawn too good-looking.
Hehehe. (Never mind.)

I like Sake, hot springs, and anime.I recommend you watch an anime called Saikano. It’s a kind of love romance anime. You will like it unless you prefer violence.(^^;

Anyway, Nice to meet you. (^^)