Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Test, test, test...
Ohhhhh, I am sick of taking tests!!

I took an English exam called TOEIC last Saturday, and I took a quiz in my Corporate Finance class this Monday.

I did not do well both tests.
I lost my confidence. (I had not had it though..)

I need to relax for a while.
It’s been good weather these days. So, I think I should go somewhere.
Somebody, take me somewhere!!

I was at home all day long today cleaning my room and other rooms though it was nice weather.
Last Saturday, I stayed Nigel’s at place and we were drinking until 5am next morning. (It was fun!!)
But it's Not healthy. Don’t you think so?


b.j. said...

Haha. Look, when it's sunny outside you have to take full advantage of the opportunity (especially here in Seattle). But I can empathize. Sometimes with nice weather comes the desire to "tidy" things up, as it were. But drinking until 5am? Didn't you guys do something like that the weekend before??? hahaha.

Yosshi said...

Yup, it's sunny outside now. Nigel also suggested I go out somewhere and have fun, after we finished our class.
But when I decided to hung out and took a bus it became cloudy, what's more the bus clashed into another truck!!
God damn it. It was unlucky day.

Nigel said...

You are hopeless at guessing. So, you have no idea how to did on your TOIEC. Also, the Finance quiz was written in difficult English. So, you had no reason to lose your confidence. You should stop guessing - it seems like a bad idea ;)

Nigel said...

It's never a bad idea to get drunk!

Yosshi said...

Humm, hopeless at guessing? Come on, this time is for sure. The TOEIC score should not be good, though it's sad...

Getting drunk might not be so bad idea, but you drink too much I think. ;)

(Though, I am going out to drink tonight too!)

lovelysmilekaz8 said...

Hi Yosshi,
It's getting close to the day which you have to return home. I can imagine that you are hoping to keep staying there more. Actually I often remember my Seattle life here. Also my English is getting wrose even though I use English a little bit at my office sometimes.
Anyway, I'd like you to have a lot of memories there while you have little time left.
Enjoy !

Yosshi said...

Your English is getting worse? I want to keep my English level even though I return to Japan.
I have almost 10 days left staying here. I have felt time passes quickly recently. I might be getting older.Hahaha.
Thanks, I will enjoy the lest of the Seattle life.