Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I had a party with my friends.
A friend of mine is a sheaf for Japanese food. He cooked us Japanese hot noodle called Kamo-Nanban at the party.
The noodle is more expensive than usual ones. Because making the soup takes 6 hours and the meat is duck which is not so common in Japan.

However, this time it was free of charge!
What's more it was YUMMY!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Do you know Robata-Yaki?
Robata-Yaki is not a food.

It’s a Japanese traditional style of serving foods.
Robata means oven-farm. Yaki means grill.

I went to a Robata-Yaki restaurant called Robata-Ya with BJ and Naoko. Although I am Japanese it was my first time going to the kind of the restaurant.

The foods were delicious what’s more the entertainments were great. They grilled foods in front of us and gave us foods using a thick stick. A water talked to us telling us about Robata-Yaki too.

I think 70% or 80% of the customers were from other countries. I am wondering how they found the restaurant.

If you come to Japan, I will take you there. It will give you good memories for sure.

This is the web site.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New life in Japan

My Seattle life finished and I was back to Japan on May 31.
It was sad saying “good bye” to my friends in Seattle. I wished the word “good bye” would disappear.

Anyway, I am in Japan now.

I went to Tokyo last Friday. People in Japan are very busy.
When I stopped to check the map, many people bumped me and said
Keep walking!!

Ohh, scary...

I wanted to forget about it. So, I went to a hot-spring resort near to
Mt Fuji the next day.

It was super nice.

I drunk Sake on our way home after the hot-spring, because my friend drove the car.Hot-spring and Sake are my favorite. (^o^)/

The picture is Spring Pond called Waku-Ike near to Mt Fuji.
Melted snow from Mt Fuji gushes out there. The water is very clear and the scenery is Japanese traditional style. I like it.