Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I found some pictures I practiced drawing over 10 years ago when I was tidying up my desk. It was when I was a high school student. I was a member of Karate-Club. However, I practice drawing pictures, not Karate. Because, I was inspired by some friends and a teacher. There were some friends who were good at drawing Manga around me, and my Japanese teacher used to be a Manga Author.
I was really bad at drawing pictures at first. But I practiced every day with them.

Ohh,, it brings back good memories.
I cannot draw pictures like these without any supports though...


B.J. said...

Even still, for someone who wasn't very good, you definitely improved. Did you design your mixi images as well?

crazeecreezz said...

i like your drawing, its pretty good, keep it up! :D

Yosshi said...

B.J. -->
Thanks for your compliment. :)
Yes, I designed my mixi images as well.

crazeecreezz -->
Do you like it? Thanks.
I am wondering if I know you. Have I met you before?

Carrieann said...

Well written article.

crazeecreezz said...

hi yosshi, this is really funny- i made a comment on ur post in 2007 and i just saw it as i googled my name "crazeecreezz".
To answer ur question, well nope we have not met before =).. i was just going through ur blog at that time randomly.. nice to meet you btw =)