Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New life in Japan

My Seattle life finished and I was back to Japan on May 31.
It was sad saying “good bye” to my friends in Seattle. I wished the word “good bye” would disappear.

Anyway, I am in Japan now.

I went to Tokyo last Friday. People in Japan are very busy.
When I stopped to check the map, many people bumped me and said
Keep walking!!

Ohh, scary...

I wanted to forget about it. So, I went to a hot-spring resort near to
Mt Fuji the next day.

It was super nice.

I drunk Sake on our way home after the hot-spring, because my friend drove the car.Hot-spring and Sake are my favorite. (^o^)/

The picture is Spring Pond called Waku-Ike near to Mt Fuji.
Melted snow from Mt Fuji gushes out there. The water is very clear and the scenery is Japanese traditional style. I like it.

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