Thursday, June 14, 2007


Do you know Robata-Yaki?
Robata-Yaki is not a food.

It’s a Japanese traditional style of serving foods.
Robata means oven-farm. Yaki means grill.

I went to a Robata-Yaki restaurant called Robata-Ya with BJ and Naoko. Although I am Japanese it was my first time going to the kind of the restaurant.

The foods were delicious what’s more the entertainments were great. They grilled foods in front of us and gave us foods using a thick stick. A water talked to us telling us about Robata-Yaki too.

I think 70% or 80% of the customers were from other countries. I am wondering how they found the restaurant.

If you come to Japan, I will take you there. It will give you good memories for sure.

This is the web site.


kt said...

Yosshi, Thanks for sharing
your experience of Robata-Yaki. It
seems very interesting and a nice
different way to dine. It is great that you also gave the link to the restaurant web site to see
more about it. I really like Japanese culture and food so this
gives me something to look forward

Yosshi said...

Yha, it is interesting for me too. So, you will have a good time there for sure if you come there.

You will come to Japan some day, right? Let's go there at the time.